Sun allergy

Dear sun worshipers, today we want to talk very briefly about a subject that many suffer from. Because the sun not only creates a fresh complexion or a pleasant summer feeling. No! We are talking about burning, itching and small blisters whenever the sun touches the skin. We are talking about a sun allergy.


How does Mallorca acne arise?

The skin becomes inflamed from sunlight for no real cause. That is the meanness. The only thing you can do about it is prevention: Are you prone to light allergies? Have you noticed that your skin is inflamed after a few days after being in the sun? Then always make sure you have a high sun protection factor when you apply cream, prefer to sit in the shade and cover your skin with a cloth or clothing so that it is not directly exposed to the sun. When choosing your sunscreen, it is important that you not only pay attention to a high sun protection factor but also to natural ingredients and also to ensure that it does not contain any fragrances. In the case of a sun allergy, these would have an intensifying effect. You can also mix our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil with your sunscreen. What's happening? Due to the structure of the drying oil, the Cacay oil is absorbed more quickly and intensifies the effect of the sun milk or sun cream, practically as a booster.

The sun sensitivity often occurs in spring when it gets really nice and warm for the first time and your skin is no longer used to the sun overdose after the long winter time. 


How the affected areas of skin can be treated and symptoms relieved will depend on the severity of the allergy. At home you can cool your skin with yogurt or quark. The vegan alternative here would be aloe vera. In addition to the home remedies, you should take care of your stressed and damaged skin. After direct exposure to the sun, you can also apply our versatile NUTREEOIL Cacay oil. This reduces the redness and the itching disappears, as the naturally contained retinol stimulates cell renewal more quickly. Caring for the skin after exposure to direct sunlight can often prevent drug treatment with skin-damaging cortisol. So a real all-round talent. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions on this topic, that's as clear as day 😊 Write us your feedback at