The effect of Cacay oil

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Effective Hair Treatment

Our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil is the perfect complement for your hair care. Used in your hair tips after washing prevents split ends and dry hair. The r...

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Body Care

The NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help alleviate skin diseases such as acne, skin rashes and psoriasis. It prevents ...

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Highest quality and purity


Nature is the best supplier for the ideal skin and hair care; Our oils are 100% natural products - pure and free from fragrances, chemicals or artificial additives. They are vegan and are not tested on animals, which we attach great importance to; NUTREEOIL is natural cosmetics.For our products we use only pure and rich materials of the highest quality.

What's new at Nutreeoil?


Gentlemen, how do you actually take care of your skin, your hair and your beard? What is the optimal care routine for you? Shouldn't this be as easy as possible? Only a few steps that you follow in the morning and in the evening? We have something for you! Face: After you've washed your face, all you need is NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil. Apply and you're done. Hair: Massage a few drops in after the shower. It's good for your scalp and hair care. So easy, so caring.
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