Effective Hair Treatment

Our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil is the perfect addition for your hair care. Use in the tips after washing prevents split ends and brittle hair. The rich oil of the Cacay tree provides a radiant shine without weighing down your hair and leaving a greasy film. Give your curls back their elasticity and tame uncontrollable, fleeing strands

What causes split ends

Hair split is an unpopular hair disease in which the end of the hair splits in two. This is due to the natural disposition and the structure of the hair. Coloring the hair, frequent styling with chemical products as well as heat and environmental influences such as dry air or sunshine favor hair splitting. Your hair looks neglected with split ends, loses its shine and vitality. Once the ends of the hair are separated, there is only one option: cut them off. This gives your hair the chance to grow healthy again. To permanently prevent split ends, we recommend our Nutreeoil Cacay Oil. Massage 3 to 4 drops into your towel-dried hair.

What to do about hair breakage? 

Damage to the structure can lead to hair breakage, which we generally refer to as hair breakage. If you look closely the broken ends can be seen as the smallest white spots in the hair. Similar to the split ends, external influences are mostly responsible for this. This also includes scratchy sweaters or the wrong hairbrush

The most common cause is and remains too dry hair and too little care. Healthy and strong hair needs vitamin A and C, which are contained in NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil

Beard care for me

Depending on the type and length of beard, there are different ways to care for the facial skin and the beard hair of men. Men should wash their beards thoroughly at least once a day and then treat them with the right care. This also includes a high quality beard oil. Nutreeoil Cacay Oil is perfect for this because it softens the facial skin and whiskers. The oil of the Cacay tree ensures the right pH value on the skin and returns the right amount of sebum to the demanding men's skin after washing and absorbs immediately without leaving an irritating "film" on the skin.