Highest quality and purity


Even in the days of our event agency, sustainability and the protection of the earth had top priority when designing our ideas for #greenmeetings. As a heart project alongside our work, we started NUTREEOIL to support the Amazon region. Step by step the desire grew not only to give something back to nature by planting Cacay plantations and to fight for fair working conditions on site in Colombia - we wanted to do more. When we found out what valuable treasures we held in our hands from harvesting the Cacay nut, one thing was clear to us pretty quickly: From now on we will not let anything else on our skin and hair. Wait, why Colombia? Because it is our home. We still have parts of our families there and the roots in our hearts.

Our oils are 100% natural products - pure and free of fragrances, chemicals or artificial additives. They are vegan and are not tested on animals, which is very important to us.

die gründerin von nutreeoil und ein kind lächeln in die kamera

Our Cacay Oil

The 100 % pure and rich Cacay dry oil is obtained from the nut of the Cacay tree (bot. name "caryodendron orinocense") in a gentle cold press process.

There the Cacay oil has been used by the locals for centuries as a remedy for burns and for wound healing.

In addition, the oil supports the healing process of scars, which gradually fade them. During the manufacturing process, the oil retains all regenerative and antioxidant properties.

Take care of yourself and give something back to nature.

Good to know

In the production of our products we pay attention to recycled and recyclable plastic and / or glass. Our boxes and flyers are made from eco paper and our labels are printed as environmentally friendly as possible. Our tubes are filled in Germany and the production facilities in Colombia, where Cacay plantations are planted and Cacay nuts are harvested, are subject to strict quality and hygiene controls and are regularly visited and checked by us. We say no to: Genetically engineered formulas in our products and animal additives. All of our careproducts are vegan and tested without animal testing.

“I wanted to do something for my children. Sustainability but also natural care was my focus. "

Diana Dufke-Vargas, CEO