Body Care

NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help alleviate skin diseases such as acne, rashes and psoriasis. It reduces and prevents stretch marks and has been used to smooth scars for generations. Thanks to its unique, natural active ingredient complex, it soothes sunburn many times faster than conventional chemical creams and ointments. It also works wonders, when used on irritated skin after shaving. To relieve your feet from brittle caused pain, cracked heels, simply massage in some NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil. It is a true all-round talent for your body.


Common acne is a skin condition in which the sebaceous glands of the skin are clogged and then get inflamed. The causes are e.g. in adolescence, when the so-called androgens ensure an increased sebum production. In addition to hormonal changes, there are also external factors. These factors can include polluted air from the environment, poor nutrition or improper skin care. Bacteria settle on the sebaceous glands and cause inflammation on the surrounding skin. Unfortunately, the breakout of acne is often due to genetic predisposition. Stress is also one of the most common factors for acne, because the hormones that are released by the body favor the skin disease. Because it produces an excessive amount of sebum. However, there is hope because acne is treatable. Natural substances such as vitamin A and vitamin E stimulate the skin's own cell regeneration and the soothing, anti-inflammatory combination of the active ingredients helps to improve the skin structure. For more severe forms of acne, we recommend NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil in conjunction with light therapy

Skin Rash

SRashes (eczema, exanthema) occur in a wide variety of forms and for a variety of causes. Whether it is an allergic reaction, reddened and dry skin or itchy spots - NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil can be a perfect natural addition to your treatment. We recommend that you see a doctor as soon as the skin changes become very severe or painful.


Psoriasis is an inherited, non-contagious, chronic skin and joint disease. Patients suffer from sharply defined reddening of the skin surrounded by white skin. The result is severe itching and burning. Knee and elbow areas, the scalp, genital area and skin on the hands and behind the ear are often affected. Psoriasis is an autoimmune-mediated inflammatory disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissue and thus pretends to be injured. This skin disease is curable

Treat yourself and rely on the power of nature. NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil contains healing and anti-inflammatory agents that bring your well-being back. Give it a try