Plastic-free bathroom

We at NUTREEOIL are huge fans of sustainability. Have you ever dealt with the subject of "plastic-free bathrooms"?

We have collected a few questions and answers on the topic here and show you today why it is important that we try to use less plastic:

What is plastic?

Plastics are all kinds of synthetic materials made from petroleum. Although petroleum is a natural raw material, it is toxic and a major threat to the environment.

Why do we find plastic everywhere?

Plastic is essential to the industry. It is light, break-proof, elastic, temperature-resistant, cheap, durable and can be produced in various degrees of hardness and shapes. Many single-use items are made from plastic. In other words, things that are usually only used once and then thrown away. Especially bags and packaging.

And microplastics?

It consists of tiny plastic particles that are smaller than five millimeters. They arise when large pieces of plastic break down. Often found in cosmetics and care products because they supposedly strengthen the cleansing effect or make creams particularly creamy.

Did you know?

That 2.4 billion plastic bags were used in Germany alone in 2017? Unfortunately, on average, a plastic bag is only used for 25 minutes.

And what does that mean for nature?

A plastic is biodegradable if it is decomposed by microorganisms under the supply of oxygen.

Plastic is not really broken down by nature, rather it has to be ground up in a lengthy manner by wind and waves. With a plastic bag this process takes up to 20 years and with plastic bottles it takes about 450 years.

Plastic ends up in our groundwater or the ocean in whole pieces or as microplastics. The environment suffers as a result, of course! The animals that ingest plastic die. Because plastic does not contain any nutrients. By the way: the plastic also ends up on our plates with fish and mussels. Good Appetite!

What we can do is reduce our plastic usage. If we start in the bathroom, our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil helps. Because with its rich active ingredients, such as retinol and vitamin E, it replaces all of your conventional products in your beauty routine.

With our Cacay oil you can now save yourself the following products and thus avoid unnecessary plastic packaging:

Make-up remover

Some have already discovered the beauty hack oil as a natural make-up removal variant. Simply use NUTREEOIL Cacay oil on a washable pad. That is cleaning and care in one step. Then rinse with water and good night!

Face mask

Mixed with activated charcoal, Cacay oil is a miracle weapon against blemishes once or twice a week. Mix one teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and one tablespoon of NUTREEOIL Cacay oil and apply for 20 minutes.

Day and night care

Forget all kinds of tubes and jars. Everything your skin needs is in a glass bottle: NUTREEOIL Cacay oil.

Eye cream

The rich active ingredient formula cares for the thin and sensitive skin area under the eyes effectively. Anti-aging for advanced users, because the depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced in a natural way after just two weeks.

Hand cream

Rough hands and dry skin - goodbye! Cacay Oil cares for hands and nails without leaving an oily film on the skin.

Body lotion

More is not possible. Super soft skin feeling for 24 hours after showering. Water, shower soap and shampoo remove moisture from the skin on the body. You can give this back to your skin with the Cacay oil. In particular, irritated skin after shaving is a thing of the past from now on.

Hair treatment

Dry lengths and ends or flowing strands or curls? Simply massage a few drops into towel-dried hair and you're done. You have an immediate result after the first application.

Wound protection cream

The wound healing processes on the skin can be accelerated by the vitamin A and vitamin C contained in Cacay oil. Our tip: Moisture and warmth can work wonders, because this is how bacteria can be flushed out of the wound. In addition, scars fade with regular use.

Lip care

Expensive and stylish - but unfortunately made of plastic. Our conventional lip balm has had its day. Use up quickly and then you can't go out of the house without the small mini bottle of Cacay oil in your handbag. Psssst! The small bottle is free from us with every order!

Beard grooming

Whether three-day beard, mustache or full beard - every beard needs care and, above all, the skin underneath. We therefore recommend our cacay oil as beard oil.

So if you don't just want to save money and take care of your skin and hair naturally, give it a try and try to ban plastic from your bathroom and replace products in a meaningful way.

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