On the background of cacay oil and what you should look out for when buying cacay oil:

Cacay oil is called the wonder of the Amazon for a good reason. It is one of the richest and most nourishing oils that we can obtain from nature. The purity of the oil is a quality feature to which we attach particular importance. That's why our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil only contains 100% pure oil in our bottles.

The Cacay oil supports cell structure and acts, among other things, as a booster when combined with other active ingredients. This is why it is particularly important to pay attention to how the cacay oil was composed, made and how it is used. By using impure oil, the opposite effect to the desired result can be achieved. So we really recommend you to deal with the product and its origin in advance. Of course there are criteria, such as a good price, that are seductive and tempt you to buy some products, but we can only warn you: Please pay attention to the content for your skin and hair and for the sake of the environment.

Warning: Counterfeit Cacay oil is often sold on the Internet. This is common in the industry and occurs with argan, rose hip and other precious oils as well. Oil blends or fake oils are often offered. This is why product traceability and the supplier's reputation are so important. NUTREEOIL, for example, impresses with verifiable clinical studies, international awards and large and fairly managed plantations in Colombia.

We only sell 100% pure fairtrade cacay oil.

Other companies do not extract their oils from other fruits by cold pressing, but by an enzyme-biochemical process. Then they break these oils down into fatty acids and add something that looks similar to Cacay in lipid profile. They even add some essential oil to help stabilize it. The skin feel and the effect is different, the smell is different (it doesn't smell like nuts) and the color is different (it is pale yellow)!

What you also have to know is that you cannot simply collect the Cacay fruits in the region of origin in Colombia, as the fruits rot very quickly in the damp jungle soil. Therefore, the entire process from the nut to the finished oil in the bottle is very complex and time-consuming.

We chose the price for our NUTREEOIL Cacay oil because the cacay trees are very rare. Unfortunately, they used to be cut almost exclusively for firewood. The fibers of the Cacay wood are very rich and store the heat. So the stock of the Cacay trees only had to be afforested over the last few decades. So the stock of Cacay trees had to be afforested over the last few decades.

The harvesting machines there have to drive more than 200 miles per day to produce around 30 kg of nuts. However, we are also committed to the extraction of oil and the development of the technology used there, which we would like to make even more sustainable.

Good to know: Wild Cacay trees only produce nuts about every 2 years and the harvest only takes place once a year.

So here you can get your own picture of why Cacay oil is so special.

So please pay attention to who you buy your Cacay oil from, where it comes from and how the price comes about.

With that in mind, happy shopping. 😊