Tattoo care

Body art olé!

Whether it is the first small tattoo or whether you have already used your skin as a canvas several times - the most important thing is care. The skin is our largest organ and it is well known that it is injured by the piercing of the tattoo artist's needles and the inserting of the color pigments.Wound healing takes about four weeks and is a real miracle for the body. The skin regenerates itself.

But what exactly is happening?

After selecting the motif, the tattooist pierces the first and second skin layers (epidermis) with one or more needles. A mixture of color pigments and solvents is injected into the skin. After that, the skin tries to heal itself. It forms a wound secretion, which serves to keep the wound moist and to flush out bacteria so that they cannot penetrate the body and contaminate the blood. The tattoo artist will put / stick a kind of foil over your freshly engraved work of art, so that the wound healing can take place undisturbed at the beginning. As soon as you can remove the foil, the first wash is very important. You will notice that something like a layer has formed on the skin, which must be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water. Make sure that your hands are clean. You then let your skin air-dry, because even the cleanest towel has tiny bacteria on it and you should avoid that. From now on it's CARE, CARE, CARE! You have to be active, because the better your tattoo is cared for, the longer it looks great and that goes forever by the way! So cream your tattoo with NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil. Whenever you have the feeling that something is tight, then apply a thin layer again. We recommend that you always have the bottle with you. (for this here times also the link to our Cacay oil in trouser pocket size).

It is completely normal for the skin to begin to form a protective layer in the form of a crust. This can make your new tattoo look a bit dull at first. But don't worry, the color and radiance come back with the right care.

Since the body needs a lot of energy for the entire healing of the tattoo, you should not overwhelm it with sports. In addition, the skin tightens during exercise and that hinders the process. Sun exposure is also an absolute no-go, because the UV rays change the pigments.

Go straight to a cool bar and flaunt your new tattoo? Yes, but be careful - it is better to keep your drinks alcohol-free for the time being. Why? Alcohol thins the blood and this in turn delays the healing process. Give your body the time it needs to recover from the injury and take care of your tattoos over and over again. The pictures on your skin will thank you with long-lasting radiance - and that's what they're there for, right ?!