The mineral jade gives its name to the beauty roller. In Asia, more precisely in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), facial rollers made from healing stones have been used since the 7th century.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the jade stone is said to have different effects on the skin. In Asia, jade stands for wealth, happiness, health and a long, successful life. According to TCM, the green healing stone has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. It is therefore particularly recommended for blemished skin.

The beauty roller has two rollers. The larger roller is intended for flat areas of the face such as cheeks and forehead. The little one is intended for the eye area, for example.

The jade roller is said to have an anti-aging effect. But what exactly happens during the application and what are the advantages?

  • The skin's own elastin and collagen production is stimulated. So the skin should appear more elastic and plump. Even small wrinkles should be able to be smoothed.
  • The massage with the roller promotes blood circulation, which makes the skin appear rosier and fresher. By consistently promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, aging can actually be slowed down.
  • The rolling movement stimulates the metabolic processes of the skin, more precisely the lymph flow, whereby toxins are transported away faster.
  • The even acupressure and the cool stone relieve puffiness around the eyes.
  • The pleasant massage reduces the stress level and thus also stress hormones. As a result, the skin is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients in the long term - and looks fresher over time.
  • The beauty roller also promises relief for headaches and migraines - especially when it's chilled, for example straight out of the refrigerator.
  • The skin care products work better with the massage than simply applying cream with your fingers.


The jade roller is suitable for all skin types. The facial massage with the jade roller is a simple addition to any skincare routine. The prerequisite is that you use the roller correctly. It is important to use as little pressure as possible during the massage.

We recommend

Use the jade roller once a day so that you can also benefit from the preventive anti-aging effect. If you keep the roller in the refrigerator, the decongestant effect will intensify when you use it. It is very important that you clean your face thoroughly beforehand. Our tip: Put a warm washcloth on the cleansed face. This opens the pores and your skin care product can be better absorbed by the skin. Then you can apply your usual beauty products. We recommend our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil. It's the optimal combination for your skin rejuvenation routine.

Do not forget! Clean the roller with a damp cloth after each use. Important! Do not clean under running water.

How do I use the jade roller correctly?

In general, one can say that the following applies to the application: Always from the center outwards, from bottom to top.

  •  Forehead: use the large roller for this. Start at the center of the forehead and roll towards the hairline. Then roll along the hairline towards the temples.
  • Eyes: Use the smaller roller and roll from the eyelid to the temple and then under the eye to the temple.
  • Cheeks: Massage from the center of the chin over the jawbone to the temples.
  • Chin: Place the Jade Roller between the chin and lips and gradually roll along the jaw to the temple.

Repeat these procedures three to six times.

A little tip from us: a balanced diet, daily use of UV protection and sufficient exercise have a positive effect on your skin. Have fun using the jade roller!