Pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles in life. Nine months of pregnancy (gestation) and childbirth are an exciting time for the expectant mother. Psychological and physical changes determine the path to motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth and life with the child turn everything upside down.

Now a lot is changing in your life. On the one hand there is of course the great anticipation for the baby, on the other hand you should now pay attention to different things. Some things that you may never have thought about are suddenly forbidden.

With pregnancy, there are also side effects such as stretch marks (striae gravidarum) on the abdomen, legs, breasts and buttocks. The hormonal balance is completely messed up. The female body changes immensely during pregnancy. Extra weights between 9 and 20kg are not uncommon. Especially at this sensitive time, women and probably you too are looking for the right care products.

Did you know that our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil:

  • Prevents and reduces stretch marks
  • helps with baby acne
  • can be used as wound protection in the diaper area
  • can be used for breast care after breastfeeding
  • is 100% vegan and 100% natural
  • is safe for use during pregnancy and suitable for babies.


Why do stretch marks occur?

Due to hormonal factors, the skin is often very dry during pregnancy, making it less elastic and more prone to splits. The splits form in the lower skin layer and shimmer through to the surface of the skin. This process is responsible for the typical appearance of stretch marks. They initially shimmer red, before they fade bluish and ultimately heal to light scar tissue.

The predisposition of the connective tissue is the greatest influence on the development of stretch marks. While a woman does not discover a single stretch mark on her body despite a considerable increase in pregnancy, another woman may notice the first skin splits well before the 20th week of pregnancy got to.




In general, prevention is everything! In order not to gain weight too quickly, you should pay particular attention to a balanced, healthy diet during pregnancy. Nuts, oils and fresh vegetables, as well as adequate fluid intake, provide vitamins and nutrients that also nourish the skin.

Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and thus protects against splits. Particularly suitable and good for mother and baby are gentle sports such as yoga, walking and swimming, which also train the pelvic floor.

Can you get rid of pregnancy strips?

Often, however, prophylactic care with special skin creams and oils as well as a daily massage of the skin are very promising. While the massage (plucking or brush massage) stimulates the blood circulation and thus keeps the tissue elastic, the care products ensure an optimal supply of moisture and valuable ingredients such as vegetable additives or vitamins E and A.

Our NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil contains 50% more vitamin E and twice as much linoleic acid as argan oil. Linoleic acid is extremely important for the human body. As a component of the ceramides, it ensures radiant skin and hair. As valuable fats, ceramides are involved in the structure of the uppermost skin layer and ensure that the skin barrier is maintained. Ceramides are therefore essential for healthy and resilient skin. Furthermore, Cacay oil has three times the retinol content than rose hip oil and it contains the important omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Alternating showers also have a positive effect on the skin and can have a preventive effect.

Although they rarely go away completely, stretch marks fade over time. They often fade quickly after delivery. With stubborn streaks, however, you are welcome to help.

We recommend our NUTREEOI Cacay Oil.

The NUTREEOIL Cacay Oil is a 100% pure product. The cold-pressed and natural Cacay oil is of selected quality. It is rich in essential fatty acids and has a high proportion of important vitamins that promote natural skin regeneration and cell growth. Natural vitamin E and linoleic acid work against free radicals and help with cell renewal and the development of the skin's biological barrier. The elasticity is promoted and skin renewal is stimulated. With the oil, stretch marks can be visibly reduced and prevented. It is a real miracle cure from the Amazon, which was already used by the indigenous people. The NUTREEOIL Cacay oil has been dermatologically tested and confirmed in Germany.

What you should look out for in addition to moisturizing:

  • wholefood diet
  • drink a lot
  • enough sleep
  • sufficient exercise
  • regular checkups


The mother-to-be's body works a little miracle during pregnancy. Give your body the time and rest it needs to get used to it. Moments of relaxation are important. A walk in the fresh air, pregnancy exercises, or swimming may take some effort, but it is good for body, soul, and even the baby. 
Try it now.